Arno Schuitemaker - THE FIFTEEN PROJECT

concept & choreography

Arno Schuitemaker

(in collaboration with the performers)


the QUINTET is performed by

Manel Salas, Meri Pajunpaa, Marin Lemic, Iker Arrue Mauleon, Olive Lopez, Mitchell-lee van Rooij, Reut Gez, Angelina Deck, Johannes Lind


the DUET is performed by

Manel Salas, Iker Arrue / Mitchell-lee van Rooij



Wim Selles

lighting design

Ellen Knops

costume & set design

Judith Abels

thanks to

Guy Cools and Cecile Brommer

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Pointing fingers, curving torsos, countervailing bodies. The Fifteen Project is a project that consists of two seperate works that stand alone yet are closely connected: the hour-long performance with a cast of five dancers, The Fifteen Project I QUINTET and a shorter duet for two men, The Fifteen Project I DUET.


Arno Schuitemaker created the two performances with inspiration drawn from the science of mirror neurons, neurons we all have and by which we are able to unnoticeably share movements. The two works are part of Schuitemaker's fifteenth project, in which he continued his research on the relationship between performers and audience. Each in their own way, the works propose the immediate bodily question: How do I relate to the other?


The Fifteen Project I QUINTET


Five dancers and the audience are sharing an intimate space. Through the dancers' enticing presence and movements, full of energy and subtle contrasts, the performance inevitably unravels our physical connexions as it develops into something reverberating.


The Fifteen Project I DUET


Two men. Concentrated, disarming, and full of physical intensity. Readily shifting from the ordinary to the extraordinary, their movements become infectious and startlingly perceptible. The duet was selected for the Aerowaves Priority List 2013.


"A captivating exchange between dancers and audience that fascinates every second" **** (

"A flashy game of pointing fingers and bodies that don't let go of each other. Clear and appealing." (de Volkskrant)

"Convincing, of an inexplicable charm, and perfectly performed" (DFDanse)



Duration The FIfteen Project I QUINTET: 55 minutes / duration The Fifteen Project I DUET: 20 minutes.

Both performances are available for international touring.

upcoming tour dates

Sat 11 October 2014

Wed 15 October 2014

Fri 24 October 2014

Sun 2 November 2014

Wed 5 November 2014

Thu 6 November 2014

Sat 20 December 2014

Thu 30 April 2015

The Fifteen Project I DUET

The Fifteen Project I DUET

The Fifteen Project I DUET

The Fifteen Project I DUET

The Fifteen Project I DUET

The Fifteen Project I DUET

The Fifteen Project I DUET

The Fifteen Project I DUET

Bellevue, Amsterdam (NL)

Theater De NWE Vorst, Tilburg (NL)

De Lawei, Drachten (NL)

Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam (NL)

DNA, RomaEuropa Festival, Rome (IT)

Schouwburg Arnhem, Arnhem (NL)

i-Dance Festival, Hong Kong (HK)

Isadora International Dance Festival, Krasnoyarsk (RU)