DANCE ON, an initiative by DIEHL+RITTER gUG, focuses on the artistic excellence of dancers aged 40+ whose experience, charisma and dramatic power – in fact their entire dance life – is present on stage. Working with internationally renowned choreographers and directors, the DANCE ON ENSEMBLE will be creating its own repertoire and changing the usual image of dance: a challenge for everyone, including the public. The project will also provide sociopolitical impulses. There are plans for participation formats for older people as well as a research programme dedicated to the largely undeveloped topic of “dance and age“.

What would it be like if exceptional dancers continued performing beyond the age of 40, if their skills and experience remained available to the dance world and the public?

Dance’s image is shaped by the exceptional physical capabilities of young dancers. There are very few choreographies that suit the changed physical conditions of older dancers, and only a few companies use dancers aged 40+. This is a loss for dance and society, as experienced dancers have the ability to tap into the mental and emotional depths of choreographic material. They are present within the scope of their lived experiences. And they enrich the spectator’s experience with their physical intelligence and experience, which open up a key new dimension. Dance On | Ensemble is currently under the artistic direction of Ty Boomershine.


20 October 2019 - Wolfenbüttel Story (Merce Cunningham) @ Lessingtheater, Wolfenbüttel (DE)

8, 9, 10 Nov. 2019 - You Should Have Seen Me Dancing Waltz (Rabih Mroué) @ Onassis Stegi, Athens (GR)

8, 9, 10 Nov. 2019 - Elephant (Rabih Mroué) @ Onassis Stegi, Athens (GR)

14, 15, 16 Nov. 2019 - You Should Have Seen Me Dancing Waltz (Rabih Mroué) @ Kampnagel, Hamburg (DE)

14, 15, 16 Nov. 2019 - Elephant (Rabih Mroué) @ Kampnagel, Hamburg (DE)