Andrea Božić

Andrea Božić is a choreographer from Croatia, living in Amsterdam and working internationally.​

Andrea Božić' interests evolve around the issues of presence and aliveness: how is it to live in this world now? how would it be if the rules were different? In her works, she explores the relationship between people and the space they have created for themselves. The main focus is on the (often absurd) logic and mechanisms of that space and how they influence the people who inhabit it.


She collaborates with video artist Julia Willms and sound artist Robert Pravda since 2005 with whom she founded Tilt in 2009. They set up environments that often divide the space first and then reconnect it with audio-visual technologies. The logic of interactions between people in a space reconfigured by technology changes, as does a sense of presence and aliveness. As a result, the work can take shape of a performance, installation, email message or a short video.